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Thank you for your support!

It´s not the best time for anniversary celebrations these days, so the big party will have to wait until human interaction is no longer virus-tainted.

However, we are happy and proud to look back to Cenibra´s offical foundation in some lawyers office exactly 10 years ago today.

And as with many new companies the first years have been a somewhat experimental time of trial and error, while recently we have established our team as a quality provider out there, with our looking-at-cells offer and the other specialty products and services we have the honor to represent. With the move to our new premises in 2018 we have taken a big step, and we are confidently looking forward to the next decade.    

We´d like to grab the opportunity to specifically thank our suppliers. All this would not have been possible without your trust in our energy and capabilities to begin with, without your constant support, without the quality of your technologies, and last but certainly not least without the pleasure of working with you on a regular basis.

And of course a big thanks goes to our customers, who have let us share their trust (and their funds, most importantly!) from the very beginning, when we were just the new kid on the block. Interacting with customers is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and will continue to do so.  

Very much included in our thanks are our team of friendly, talented, and dedicated people without whom no business can ever flourish, and certainly not ours.

Thanks ever so much for all that, we are looking forward to further working with you and send our best wishes for the future, both personally and businesswise. And we are sure to find a way for an adequate celebration once those are back in the cards.

Warm regards, and stay safe!

Yours CENiBRA life science solutions Team